RACE DAY! AustralianGP! #F1 2017!

Hello, everyone!

Less than 5  minutes left for the Lights out at the AustralianGP in Melbourne!

And Yes, now everyone would have got the idea about how fast the cars in this new Era of F1! Freaking fast at corners! I just miss the V8/V10s! (The noise). Imagine the cars with V10/V12 engines!

So, about the Grid Yes, as I predicted Mercedes are still faster (at least in these cold conditions), although the Prancing Horses have closed the gap to a big margin! RedBull oh dear! Unfortunate for Danial Ricciardo spinning in the Q3! The Haas of Romain Grosjean also looks good.

And the most important question right now, who will take the lead at the first corner of the 2017 Rolex Australian Grand Prix? With the cars being larger than ever, It will be surely difficult to overtake! and one thing I observed was that once a car slips in this new era, it’s very difficult for the Driver to take back the control before hitting the barriers! So will the 2017 Rolex Australian Grand Prix Complete cleanly without many accidents?

New Reports suggest Danial Ricciardo‘s RedBull has caught some electrical problems! he may start from the Pitlane!

Time to Stick to the Stream, See You After the Race!


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