F1 2017 Season Opener! 3 More Days until we go lights out at the AustralianGP

Mercedes, Ferrari, RedBull, McLaren, Force India, Williams, Toro Rosso, Renault, Sauber, Haas…. You maybe thinking, Who will be the team to beat in Melbourne, Australia?
In almost everyone’s opinion, Mercedes or Ferrari will be the team to beat! But who knows, if the Bulls Do something extraordinary with the new, horsepower packed Renault engine? or maybe the Williams or McLaren steals the show? Yes, you read correct ‘McLaren’, Although the chances are too low! (Sorry McLaren Fans). As Per the winter testing data analysis, IMO Mercedes and Ferrari will be very close, probably Mercedes still ahead! then there will be RedBull-> Williams-> Force India->Haas->STR->Renault->Sauber->McLaren! (Still, I hope for some Miracle from the McLaren, we really need competitiveness in the sport)

Excited for the season opener? of course, 4 months long break, who wouldn’t be waiting for this moment! only 21 hours from now for the FP1 in Melbourne! FP will give us more data about the new cars!

See You Tomorrow!


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